Lev Mikheev, PhD


Lev Mikheev, PhD

LEV MIKHEEV is a Russian-educated polymath. His curious mind has taken him from his beginnings in theoretical physics to a successful career in finance, before his current obsession with developing HOOKE  as a prototype for 21st-century medicine. 

From his early fascination with Euclidean geometry, Lev was driven to build simple models of our complex world. He honed this art working towards his PhD in 1989 with the top scientists of the Landau School in Moscow, before moving to the US and discovering that this skill was in high demand on Wall Street. In 1995, he joined the infamous Fixed Income Arbitrage group at Salomon Brothers, then went on to manage hedge fund portfolios at Moore Capital in London. 

Having started regular endurance training at the age of 48, Lev was fascinated to uncover an enormous untapped potential in himself. This led him to become a keen student of geroscience and to an increasing realisation that the potential of modern medicine is barely understood or realised. In 2019, Lev launched HOOKE to prove that everyone’s life can be enhanced and extended by thoughtful application of the modern life sciences. 

Lev continues training seriously, trying to be an exemplary HOOKE member himself. He is also engaged with a few other curious Salomon Brothers alumni, collectively known as the Horn Fellowship, in helping the University of Cambridge bridge the gap between science and policy. Long term, Lev hopes to help start a revolution in school education, which he believes is even less fit for our age than medicine.

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Lev Mikheev, PhD

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