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Prof. Dr. Michael Ristow

Prof. Dr. Michael Ristow

A global specialist in the field of longevity, Dr Michael Ristow brings his pioneering work on the effects of oxidative stress, mitochondrial ageing and endocrinology to the HOOKE members’ programme. Now leading some of the most innovative studies in repurposing existing drugs as anti-ageing compounds, he is completely transforming the longevity landscape.

Having trained and completed a residency at the University of Bochum Medical School, Dr Michael Ristow worked as a post-doctoral scientist at Harvard Medical School, going on to become a full professor for human nutrition at the University of Jena and a full professor of Energy Metabolism at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).

A board-certified physician, specialist in internal medicine and expert in longevity, Dr Ristow continues to research biochemical and molecular effects. With particular focus on the role of mitochondriain healthspan regulation and prevention of metabolic diseases, he was the first to correlate the effects of low calorie intake, physical activity and sirtuin stimulation. Through his extensive research, Dr Ristowh has identified FDA-approved compounds and new phytochemicals as critical influences on extending human healthspan.

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Prof. Dr. Michael Ristow

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