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Sarah Curbison

Client Manager

Sarah Curbison

With more than a decade’s experience working with high net worth clients, Sarah Curbison is the touchpoint for HOOKE members, overseeing and facilitating a personal and seamless journey from the outset.

Sarah’s career has seen her develop a unique understanding of how to manage bespoke client relationships. She was able to cultivate this singular skill working as the Business Relations Director at Concierge London, delivering a range of complex, multi-faceted services to businesses and individuals. It was here she formed a close working relationship with Alexis Kemp, with whom she now operates the client services aspect of HOOKE.

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They pride themselves on a commitment to exceptional service, and to meeting the needs and preferences of the individual. They work collaboratively to turn cutting-edge research into practical, evidence-based advice.

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Sarah Curbison

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