Live a Healthier Life
for Longer

Invest in your health with a personalised
longevity strategy.

What we offer

Health assessments

Cutting-edge diagnostic tools for early detection, ensuring timely prevention. Available standalone or with membership.

Health memberships

Choose from four tiers of membership and work with experts to unlock your body’s capacity for regeneration and repair.

How we're different

Advanced assessments

Advanced early diagnostic testing: blood panel, MRI, ECG, USS, fitness, cognitive and more. One-off/with memberships

Personalised longevity

Annual packages of integrated care: chart your norms, trends and averages to optimise your unique longevity pathway

Joined-up expertise

Your world-leading preventative, proactive medical team: integrating your medical, nutritional, fitness and cognitive healthcare

Proprietary data modelling

We benchmark your health against your age cohort, identifying your strengths and weaknesses to make targeted improvements

Secure health database

Complete health data management: our private portal provides ongoing access to your health metrics, allowing you to make empowered wellness decisions

Pioneering advisors

Direct access to our Scientific Advisory Board: the experts changing the global longevity narrative — and guiding our programmes

“I cannot speak highly enough of the service received, the people and the first class venue and surroundings. The team built around your needs and objectives are true experts in their specialist fields”

Iain Tait
London & Capital, Partner

Book an Initial Consultation

Begin your HOOKE journey with a 1-hour consultation for only £300 (deductible from the cost of any health assessment or membership). Our doctor will analyse your health history, review existing test results and outline recommendations for your onward health optimisation.

Expert support at every step

HOOKE membership places you in the hands of a world-leading interdisciplinary medical team who work collaboratively to craft your personalised Longevity Plan – then help you realise it.

Extend your healthspan

Each HOOKE health assessment produces a unique BioPortrait and BioScore to track your health over time. These insights help us formulate the most effective strategies to fortify your defence against ageing.

Invest in your health

Live a longer, happier and healthier life.