Our Mission

To disrupt outdated, one-size-fits-all
medical thinking where symptoms
dictate treatment.

"HOOKE fundamentally believes that early intervention can treat the vast majority of diseases."

Lev Mikheev
Founder, HOOKE

Live longer and better

HOOKE extends and enhances your healthspan by employing pioneering diagnostic tools and evidence-based lifestyle interventions to achieve optimal health now and long into the future.

“HOOKE combines technological developments, cutting-edge research, and live expert intelligence for the benefit of its members”

Prof. Pierre-Marc Bouloux
Principal Physician, HOOKE

nurturing care

HOOKE's membership model, a UK first, is rooted in continuous, data-driven care. Through regular testing, we continuously optimise and nurture your health, welcoming a new era in healthcare.

The best
medical minds

An unparalleled multi-disciplinary team unites doctors and psychologists alongside sleep, nutrition and fitness experts. With this fully integrated approach, we prioritise early intervention, addressing vulnerabilities and fortifying core health systems.

All in a name

We named HOOKE after 17th-century polymath Robert Hooke, who coined the term 'cell' for the previously unimagined life he discovered beneath his microscope. At HOOKE, we merge advanced biology, medicine, psychology and data science to unveil unparalleled health horizons previously unimagined by our members.

Invest in your health

Live a longer, happier and healthier life.