Investigation Itinerary

Your personal in-depth journey; redefining ageing and optimising your health.

Targets early diagnosis and prevention of
age-related diseases

Including medical assessments, diagnostic screening, fitness, nutrition, cognitive function and stress resilience.
How it works:
Blood test

Comprehensive blood tests assess kidney and liver function, vitamin, mineral and hormone levels, lipid panel, metabolic, immunology and tumour markers

Full medical consultation with HOOKE’s GP

Comprehensive evaluation which includes medical history, physical examination and diagnostic testing to identify health problems, provide a diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan

ECG (electrocardiogram)

A medical test that records the electrical activity of your heart

Ultrasound scan of major organs

Provides imaging that can help diagnose tumours, cysts, stones, inflammation and other medical conditions

Body composition analysis

Body composition analysis to accurately show fat mass, muscle mass and body fat percentage

Fitness testing

Involves a range of assessments including grip strength, presses/pull-ups, V02 max, Gillet and Thomas tests, vertical jump via force plates and isometric bar pulls to evaluate your fitness level

Cognitive function test

Psychological assessments used to measure cognitive abilities

Nutrition and consultation

Receive personalised guidance and support in achieving optimal health and preventing chronic diseases through better nutrition and dietary habits

Led by world-leading
doctors and specialists

At HOOKE, our world-leading interdisciplinary team collaborates to diagnose existing conditions and prevent future ones, crafting a personalised plan that helps you live better for longer.

In-depth report

Comprehensive in-depth report synthesising data, pinpointing priority areas and recommending actionable lifestyle changes for long term health.

Luxury clinic

Five-star service at HOOKE's Mayfair hub: a discreet one-stop sanctuary with state-of-the-art gym and sports therapy centre.


Nutrition is central to the length and quality of our lives. The HOOKE team assess how your current nutritional picture aligns with your wellness and healthspan goals.

The benefit
of membership

Experience continuous care with advanced diagnostics and consultations. Benefit from integrated health assessments, personalised nutrition and performance coaching. Chart your unique longevity pathway from our luxury Mayfair base, backed by world-leading scientists and bespoke supplementation.

Invest in your health

Live a longer, happier and healthier life.