How We're Different

Standard healthcare identifies serious conditions too late. HOOKE has pioneered early detection, proactively addressing and preventing conditions to secure 20 to 30 extra years of optimal health.

“What if there were a place to personally access the latest in biology, medicine, psychology, and data science - where the experts in these fields worked collaboratively to create a new paradigm for living well? That's HOOKE."

Lev Mikheev
Founder, HOOKE

Healthcare the way it should be

A proactive – not reactive – approach.



Yearly checkups result in late detection
Ongoing assessment means
early detection
Standard sequence of testing, based on population averages
Progressive personalised testing, focused on individual areas of vulnerability
Treating disease in isolation from the rest of the body
Synthesising data from the entire body and mind to create care plans
When major symptoms become apparent
To address signs of vulnerability and
strengthen underlying systems
Attempting to diagnose from a single cross-section of biological markers
Key biomarkers are tracked dynamically to establish early trends
Focus on medical interventions, with minor attention to fitness, nutrition, cognition and emotion
Medical and Lifestyle
Fully integrated approach by a team including doctors, psychologists, sleep, nutrition and fitness experts
Diagnostics often restricted to the
equipment at the testing centre
In-house and External
Guided access to the best diagnostic facilities for each specific issue. Global, if necessary
Focus is largely limited to diseases that kill
Lifespan and Healthspan
Full attention to emotional, musculoskeletal, sensory, skin, and dental issues, which often predate life-limiting illness

Preventing age-related diseases

HOOKE aims to prevent the most common conditions in older age.

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Dementia
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney & Liver Disease
  • Osteoporosis

Increase your healthspan

Lifespan counts the years; Healthspan makes them count. While standard care zeroes in on life-threatening diseases, HOOKE tackles the emotional, musculoskeletal, sensory, skin and dental issues that often predate life-limiting illness, in order to amplify life’s length and quality.

Proactive, not reactive

See how we compare, the first of its kind in UK etc

Medical Diagnostics



Genetic analysis
Cancer Detection
Vital Organs
Brain Health
Bone Health
Eye Health
Metabolic Health
Mental Health
Sleep Analysis
Dental Health
Skin Health
Personalised Supplements
Medical Consultations



Personal Training
Sport Performance Coaching
Personalised Nutrition Plan
Musculoskeletal Appointments
Stress Resilience
Cognitive Performance
Longevity Programme

Enhance your membership

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Standard Approach

Annual check-ups, or when a medical issue arises

Hooke Approach

Continuous assessment and update between annual comprehensive testing


Standard Approach

A standard sequence of tests based on population averages

Hooke Approach

Progressive personalisation, focusing on the areas of vulnerability


Standard Approach

Treating different diseases in isolation

Hooke Approach

Holistic approach integrating signals from different areas of the body to generate at a personal 'Bioportrait'


Standard Approach

Intervening only when symptoms are apparent

Hooke Approach

Early indicators of vulnerability used to anticipate disease. Early intervention to address areas of risk or concern

Fitness Pack

Fitness pack detail

Attempting to diagnose from a single cross-section of biomarkers and results

Biomarkers and results tracked dynamically to establish early trends

Nurtition Pack

Nutrition pack detail

Focus on medical intervention with little attention to fitness, nutrition, cognition and emotion

Fully integrated approach by a team of doctors, psychologists, sleep, nutrition and fitness experts

Book an Initial Consultation

Begin your HOOKE journey with a 1-hour consultation for only £300 (deductible from the cost of any health assessment or membership). Our doctor will analyse your health history, review existing test results and outline recommendations for your onward health optimisation.

World-leading scientists

Benefit from the pioneering work of HOOKE’s Scientific Advisory Board: trailblazers reshaping the global longevity narrative and steering our programmes.

An unrivalled experience

Experience unparalleled luxury at HOOKE’s Mayfair hub: a discreet sanctuary with a state-of-the-art gym and premium care, under one roof.

Your Bioscore revealed

Your Bioscore compares your ageing markers against averages and tracks your progress. Statistically speaking, improving your Bioscore extends your lifespan.

“HOOKE's comprehensive memberships empower our clients to change the ageing narrative and, alongside our expert team, take steps to ensure optimal health long into the future”

Prof. Pierre-Marc Bouloux
Principal Physician, HOOKE

Become a member

HOOKE offers four tiers of membership – Healthspan Core, Healthspan, Healthspan+ and Performance. Each 360-degree, proactive annual framework offers the opportunity to work with experts to continuously optimise your health now and into the future. Enjoy VIP benefits, including wearable technology, personalised supplementation and seamless referrals.

Invest in your health

Live a longer, happier and healthier life.