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HOOKE was born out of the belief of founder, Lev Mikheev, that any middle-aged person willing to apply a concentrated effort to their physical and cognitive fitness can put the best years of their lives ahead of them.

“Make your later years the happiest, healthiest and most productive of your life. We are all infinitely more capable than we appear”

Lev Mikheev
Founder, HOOKE

A new perspective

Most 65-year-olds today have at least one chronic disease of ageing, from type II diabetes to cancer. As this risk rises exponentially with age, most of us face our latter years unable to realise our full potential. But it does not have to be this way.

“HOOKE combines technological developments, cutting-edge research, and live expert intelligence for the benefit of its members”

Dr Eric Verdin
Chief Scientific Advisor, HOOKE

The HOOKE journey

While our clients’ usual goal is to enhance their health, HOOKE offers a voyage with far broader horizons: an exciting adventure of discovery and optimisation that transforms lifestyles, changes expectations of ageing and enhances quality of life.

A revolutionary

This century, we have identified interventions that slow ageing; developed markers to measure biological age; and learned that >90% of our healthspan is determined by lifestyle and only 7% by genes—findings with the potential to shift the focus of modern medicine from the treatment of disease to the maintenance of health.

All in
a name...

17th-century English polymath, Robert Hooke, coined the term ‘cell’ for the live formations seen under his microscope: the existence of which had never previously been imagined. At HOOKE, we unite the latest in biology, medicine, psychology, and data science to access a world of health our members may never previously have imagined.

Invest in your health

Live a longer, happier and healthier life

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