About us

HOOKE redefines what it is to be truly well, happy, healthy and fulfilled at every stage of life. HOOKE is a unique resource for longevity strategy; where unrivalled medical expertise supported by cutting edge research meets exceptional service and practical, evidence-based advice.

Redefining what it is to be truly well, happy, healthy and fulfilled at every stage of life

This unrivalled and entirely personal programme starts with a thorough and comprehensive investigation into all facets of the member’s health using the latest innovations in medical technology and diagnostic testing. From DNA analysis to a full body MRI, nutritional consultations and fitness profiling, every element of health - both mental and physical - is tested to complete an unprecedented, data- driven profile. With this information, the journey towards optimising your potential and exceeding your goals begins.

HOOKE operates out of a Mayfair hub, where we have appointed a team of some of the world’s leading experts in general health, longevity, fitness, nutrition and psychology. Our unique relationships with London’s premiere hospitals and experts mean that all other testing or further specialist help deemed necessary is arranged immediately with the best in their fields. Waiting lists do not apply.

Personal relationships lie at the heart of the HOOKE philosophy. Our members are supported at every step to help them find and unlock the vast reserve of possibility hidden within them. Redefining the art of living.