Health Investigation+

Enhanced diagnostics, imaging and
positive psychology for total wellness.

The ultimate in early diagnostic testing and future-proofing your health

Including medical assessments, advanced diagnostic screening, whole genome sequencing, fitness, musculoskeletal, nutrition, cognitive function and emotional wellbeing.
How it works:
Blood tests

Comprehensive blood tests assess kidney and liver function, vitamin, mineral and hormone levels, lipid panel, metabolic, immunology and tumour markers

Full medical consultation with HOOKE's GP

Comprehensive evaluation which includes medical history, physical examination and diagnostic testing to identify health problems, provide a diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan

ECG (electrocardiogram)

A medical test that records the electrical activity of your heart

Ultrasound scan of major organs

Provides imaging that can help diagnose tumours, cysts, stones, inflammation and other medical conditions

Fitness testing

Involves a range of assessments including grip strength, presses/pull-ups, V02 max, Gillet and Thomas tests, vertical jump via force plates and isometric bar pulls to evaluate your fitness level

Musculoskeletal consultation

A physical evaluation of the bones, joints, muscles and connective tissue identifying weaknesses or imbalances in your body


Served in a private client room

Cognitive function test

Psychological assessments used to measure cognitive abilities

Brain health consultation

Psychological assessments used to measure different areas of cognitive strength

Nutrition and dietetics consultation

Receive personalised guidance and support in achieving optimal health and preventing chronic diseases through better nutrition and dietary habits

DEXA bone density scan

A scan that accurately measures bone density allowing for early detection and treatment of osteoporosis

 Full Body MRI

A full body MRI is a non-invasive, radiation-free medical imaging test that uses magnets and radio waves to create highly detailed images of the entire body, providing valuable insights into a wide range of conditions and abnormalities

Mammogram (female only)

An X-ray imaging test used to screen for breast cancer in women, which can detect small lumps or masses and microcalcifications that may not be felt by touch

CT angiogram

A scan to detect the amount of calcium in the walls of the coronary arteries, indicating the risk of developing heart disease due to plaque buildup

"HOOKE fundamentally believes that early intervention can treat the vast majority of diseases."

Lev Mikheev
Founder, HOOKE


Advanced imaging including a four-part MRI, Bone Density DXA, and comprehensive coronary angiogram.

Genetic analysis

In-depth genomic insight with complete genome sequencing and polygenic risk assessment.

Wellbeing and resilience

Enhance mental wellbeing and resilience through positive psychology and targeted stress resilience coaching.

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