The Membership Experience

HOOKE memberships revolutionise healthcare, continuously optimising wellbeing through unmatched holistic care that addresses your nutrition, fitness, cognitive and medical needs — a first-of-its-kind approach in the UK.

"90% of our healthspan is determined by lifestyle and only 7% by genes. Memberships target the root cause of disease before it takes hold"

Dr Eric Verdin
Chief Scientific Advisor, HOOKE

The benefit of membership

Unparalleled healthcare vigilance: Top doctors continuously monitor and elevate every facet of your health through ongoing nurturing care.

Continuous Care

Regular, proactive engagement for enduring health.

 Medical Consultations

On-demand access, either remotely or face-to-face in London.

Health Assessments

One or two comprehensive HOOKE health investigations per year.

Personalised Nutrition

Tailored nutritional guidance for optimal health.

Fitness Programmes

Targeted cardio and strength programmes supported by data.

Longevity Programme

Personalised strategies to enhance health and extend life.

Performance Coaching

Options include positive psychology, mental health and performance coaching.

Wearable Devices

Cutting-edge health monitoring technology for real-time health insights.

Bespoke Supplementation

Tailored supplements, addressing unique health and nutritional needs.

Compare memberships

Optimise your health now and into the future.

Healthspan Core

One Investigation, advanced health support from the mutidisciplinary team, wearables, personalised supplementation and more.



One Investigation+, advanced health support and all the benefits of Core plus Scientific Advisory Board access.



Two Investigations+, advanced programme support, a Longevity Programme designed by the Scientific Advisory Board and extra testing and analysis for the most in depth data profiling available.



One Investigation+, plus elite sports-level training and programme support.


Change your expectation of ageing

Live longer and better with a HOOKE membership

Proactive and preventative

An unrivalled preventative, proactive medical team: integrating your medical, nutritional, fitness and cognitive healthcare within one comprehensive membership plan.


With HOOKE membership, enjoy direct access to our Scientific Advisory Board: the experts changing the global longevity narrative — and guiding our programmes.

Extend your

HOOKE memberships address the emotional, musculoskeletal, sensory, skin and dental issues that often predate life-limiting illness, in order to amplify life’s length and quality.

Convenience and clarity

Imagine everything you could need for future-proofing your health all under one roof. HOOKE gathers world-leading longevity doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and personal trainers in one tranquil Mayfair location for your convenience.

Invest in your health

Live a longer, happier and healthier life

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