The Programme

HOOKE’s programme is a radical re-positioning of how we approach the preservation and optimisation of our health to achieve the longest possible ‘healthspan’. Members will be among the few people in the world to benefit directly from HOOKE’s ever-evolving work in the field of longevity and the art of living a longer, richer, healthier life.

The Approach

The Consultation

An in-depth conversation with your principal physician begins your bi-annual assessment. Your goals, preferences and any concerns, are discussed to ensure you are comfortable at every point. This initial conversation lays the foundations for an ever-evolving relationship, built on trust.

The Assessment

The assessment starts with a full medical examination. This is followed by a musculoskeletal and fitness evaluation, nutritional profiling, and cognitive function and performance assessment, all of which are conducted in-house by our multidisciplinary team of specialists, along with blood-testing and analysis.

The Next Steps

The comprehensive report that follows is an unparalleled, data-driven medical profile, which not only helps predict changes to your health, but continues to track your personal evolution on every level.

As your programme launches, so will your on-going support. The HOOKE team are always one telephone call or WhatsApp message away, committed to resolving any issues, wherever you are.

After six months, a fresh round of tests will assess the success of your programme and any relevant adjustments will be made. Longevity is the long game: all aspects of health need to be continuously tuned for maximum performance. By carefully spreading a full arsenal of interventions over this bi-annual programme, HOOKE ensures that all aspects of health are continuously tuned for maximisation of performance and potential.